Marty Ballet Dancers is the project aiming to foster the favorable environment

for ballet dancers who wish to work professionally.

We offer place to train, perform and work,

helping dancers keep connecting with ballet for their sustainable future life


" DANCE at Marty and WORK with Marty "


Mutsuki Yoshida



Born in Aomori, Japan in 1979 

She started ballet at age 6 and trained under Yoko Aoyama.

She entered Bolishoi Ballet School in 1998 taught by Sofia Golovkina who was a director at the time.

Then, she joined Moscow Classical Ballet in 2000.

During her time in Russia, she actively worked as a ballet teacher such as private lessons for children to prepare for the entering exam of ballet schools, ballet classes for rhythmic sports gymnastics and private lessons of classcal variations.

After leaving the company in 2019, she has been teaching in Japan.



-Assistant Director-

Daisuke Takeuchi



Born in Hokkaido, Japan

Started ballet at age 6

He entered The Royal Ballet School (upper school) in 1997.

In 1999, he graduated the school at the top of the list for two years, and received the Music Prize for two years in a row.

While he was in the school, he had danced with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

He joined Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre in 2000, and promoted to soloist in 2004.



He coached Graduate Program・level 8 as well as Dance devision of Point Park University as a guest. Additionally, he worked as a choreographer for the company and its school. 

In 2006, he promoted to the principal.

In 2016, he was chosen for "A Broader View" which was the study abroad promotional project directed by the U.S. embassy.

In 2018, taught as a guest teacher at Saratoga Summer Dance Intensive NY.

In 2019, he was a special judge and teacher  at the International Youth Dance Contest held in Iwami, Hokkaido.

--Season 2023--


◎2023/5/13    Ballet Gala Concert vol.18  

"Laurencia" choreographed by Mutsuki Yosida


◎2023/7/29    Ballet Gala Concert vol.21  

"Sleeping Beauty act 3"

with special guests

Yuhui Choe (first soloist with the Royal Ballet)

Yasuyuki Okumura (principal with the National Ballet of Japan)